Today Businesses need to have a different approach to brand building and communication strategy: they should stop talking TO people and start talking WITH people!

People are more sceptical in accepting brand messages: if they perceive they are too marketed and the intention behind is just profit they won’t believe and engage with those messages and brands. In digital age people have different tools to collect and discover information and to be influenced in their decision making process, hence we want to guide Brands to be more relevant, unique and have the right attitude to be successful in today’s networked world.

“Traditional marketing is about collecting, modern marketing is about connecting”

We help businesses to answer questions like:

1. How to build a Brand from scratch?

2. How can we strengthen our Brand positioning to be more relevant and effective?

3. How to integrate effectively a brand from an acquisition to my existing portfolio?

4. What’s the best Content Strategy for my Brand?

5. How to optimize our reach and engagement with our target audience?

6. How can we strengthen our Brand Identity to be more recognisable and unique?

7. How can we bring new inspiration to our communication campaigns?

8. How can I expand by brand and business abroad?

We don’t have meetings, but discussions

All consultancy projects start with a discussion with the key members of the team in order to leverage your existing knowledge first, and make sure we are well aligned on the key objectives and elements of the brief. We don’t run meetings, as we believe that 2 way working and a room for discussion, creation and exchange of ideas is more beneficial to the process.

Some of the tools we are using:


RdE Tool.

Gives your brand a more inspiring goal which will guide you to develop more relevant brand content and motivate your internal teams and external partners.

Branditude Tool

It helps to humanize your Brand, in order to start talking WITH your target audience effectively, to build longer and stronger relationships.

Ask for a presentation of the tools