BRANDITUDE  marketing consultancy has been founded to help SME to get the best in class marketing strategy expertise and capabilities of bigger consultancy firms through simpler, yet effective and cost efficient tools and processes. We comes from the client side, so we are ready to work out with customers the best solutions in terms of deliverables and timing without compromising on the quality of work. We collaborate with a NETWORK of local communication agencies and experienced freelancers in order to satisfy all needs and expectations in terms of execution and budget.

Federica Verna
Founder and Senior Marketing Strategist 

Hello, I am a passionate marketer, with over 15 years of international marketing experience within leading multinationals companies, in both developed and emerging markets.


Having worked from the client side for many years, I am well aware of the challenges along with expectations from a business perspective, so I am very proactive and effective in working with clients to bring the best marketing solutions to achieve their goals.


I spent the last years of my career in understanding how to evolve the way to build and market Brands in a digital age, so I have developed the skills and capabilities to strengthen your brands strategies toward more relevant content that will increase both your reach and loyalty among your target audience.



“Don’t build links. Build relationships.”

Rand Fishkin

Selected Partners

In order to have all necessary capabilities to address your brief and expectations from A to Z we are working with a NETWORK of local QUALIFIED agencies and we have selected business partners who share our values and level of expertise in their specific fields.


They are experts in Market and Consumer Research, particularly in turning consumer data and observations into powerful insights. They are our exclusive partners in delivering the RdE Tool for our clients.

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